Qualified Dublin Core increases the specificity of metadata by adding information about encoding schemes, enumerated lists … 2. There's also a generator for the xZINECOREx variation of Dublin Core. Although Qualified Dublin Core offers far TITLE The name given to the resource by the CREATOR or PUBLISHER. Introduction. If the item is in HTML, view the source document and make sure that the title identified in the title header (if any) is also included as a Title. Qualified Dublin Core is seen in widely differing implementations, often using locally-defined refinements and encoding schemes. Dublin Core is comprised of 15 “core” metadata elements; whereas the "qualified" Dublin Core set includes additional metadata elements to provide for greater specificity and granularity. De Dublin Core is in 1995 ontstaan tijdens een werkconferentie van metadata- en webspecialisten in het hoofdkantoor van OCLC in Dublin (Ohio) in de Verenigde Staten. This resulted in the introduction of Qualified Dublin Core from 2000 with an additional three elements, and a class of refinements (qualifiers) for further elaboration on the original elements (Harper 23). Include namespace reference for standard Dublin Core (DC Elements). Some tags from Simple DC standard: The Dublin Core standard originally included two levels: Simple and Qualified. Simple Dublin Core comprised 15 elements; Qualified Dublin Core included three additional elements (Audience, Provenance and RightsHolder), as well as a group of element refinements (also called qualifiers) that could refine the semantics of the elements in ways that may be useful in resource discovery. The data elements of unqualified Dublin Core include title, creator, subject, description, publisher, contributor, date, type, format, identifier, source, language, relation, coverage, and rights. The 8th Dublin Core Metadata Workshop capped an active year of progress that included standardization of the 15-element core foundation and approval of an initial array of Dublin Core Qualifiers . Examples: Label: Subject and Keywords Element Description:The topic … If you are unsure how a specific tag works, you can click the question mark next to the tag's name to see the tag's entry in Diane Hilmann's wonderful guide "Using Dublin Core -- The Elements." Minnesota Metadata Guidelines - Dublin Core (overview) Minnesota Metadata Guidelines Training Manual (in pdf) 1. For the first half of this project, Qualified Dublin Core was chosen instead of Simplified Dublin Core for creating records, as it includes terms that narrow the 15 original elements to more specific information and includes controlled vocabulary as well as formatting guidelines (DCMI Usage Board, 2012). If you want to generate simple Dublin Core metadata using only the 15 main elements, use the Simple Generator. The Dublin Core standard includes two levels: Simple Dublin Core comprises fifteen elements; Qualified Dublin Core includes three additional elements Audience, Provenance and RightsHolderas well as a group of element refinements also called qualifiers that refine the semantics of the elements in ways that may be useful in resource discovery. Output. Dublin Core™ Qualifiers This document presents in part the results of an ongoing process to develop exemplary terms extending or refining the original 15 elements of the Dublin Core™ Metadata Element Set ( [DCMES](/documents/dces/)). Typically, a Title will be a name by which the resource is formally known. Label: Title Element Description:The name given to the resource. In both crosswalks there are different mappings for Dublin Core simple or qualified. ## 5. The content on this site is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. It attempts to find a middle ground between the "minimalists" (those wanting a minimum of DC qualifiers and substructure if any) and the "structuralists" (those wanting more precision in refinement of the elements … Qualified Dublin Core, also known as DC Terms, is an extension of Simple Dublin Core through the use of additional elements, element refinements, and encoding schemes. Not all possible MARC fields are included in this mapping, but only those considered useful for … The three additional elements include Audience, Provenance and Rights Holder. Guidelines for creation of content: If in doubt about what constitutes the title, repeat the Title element and include the variants in second and subsequent Title iterations. Built into the Dublin Core standard are definitions of each metadata element – like native content standard – that state what kinds of information should be recorded where and how. Basics. Included are the fifteen terms of the Dublin Core™ Metadata Element Set (also known as "the Dublin Core") plus several dozen properties, classes, datatypes, and vocabulary encoding schemes. In qualified Dublin Core, elements may be refined for greater specificity. To use a more specific term from the qualified vocabulary, use the drop down menu for the element to select it. The Dublin Core standard includes two levels: Simple and Qualified.Simple DC is comprised 15 elements.
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